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Horizontal Gloryhole Cock Milking

Many people find using a gloryhole for sexual encounters extremely erotic as it provides sensory deprivation (your partner is out of your sight), allowing the other senses to sharpen and thus boost the pleasure. Combine it with the intensity and strength of an orgasm achieved via a dick milking session and you will not wonder at all that horizontal gloryhole (designed mainly for dick milking purposes) has lately become a trend. It provides both the anonymity of a standard gloryhole (the woman places herself underneath the table-like device) and the ergonomics allowing the man to be “milked like a cow”, without him having to assume uncomfortable positions.

The so called milking table (visually, it resembles a massage table, the difference is it is equipped with a round cutout / hole where male genitals are placed) doesn’t only give men the convenience of lying face down with full erection, but mainly gives women the control power which is imperatively essential when for executing and bringing dick milking to the desired fountains-of-sperm bursting success. Another plus is that while positioned on the milking table, men have no access to their cocks, meaning they can’t ruin the effort of a long dick milking session by impatiently finishes themselves off with a few self-strokes.

Usually, a horizontal gloryhole dick milking session will begin by using the milking table as a sheer massage table in order to help the male physically and mentally relax. Also, some eye-to-eye contact or even the female showing him her naked body can be decisive for achieving rock-hard initial erection which later on shall be kept at its peak. After bringing the man to an arousal by stroking, sucking or stimulating his cock whatever way she likes, the woman usually makes him turn around and stick his cock through the hole of the table. Then, she would go underneath it.

That’s when the real dick milking begins. Being in absolute control of the pulsating member, she can fondle it, squeeze its balls, wraps her lips around it and suck it, rub it between her tits and give the entire procedure a short but necessary break any time needed. This way, the chances of postponing the climax for as long as possible are much greater, meaning the pleasure the man will eventually be rewarded with will be worth every torturous second of already painful sexual excitement. After all, receiving relief after a long denial is incomparably fulfilling.

Another positive aspect of horizontal dick milking through a glorhole is that it puts the woman in a mistress-like role. It spices the whole experience up as many men secretly (or openly) fantasize about being sexually dominated at least once in their lifetime.

All in all, combining the lack of visual contact with the partner and the submissive position of the man which a milking table provides with the thrilling experience a good dick milking represents inevitably results in reaching new, unparalleled heights of great physical pleasure and total mental relief.

A Dick Milking Surprise

Before that day I didn’t even know what dick milking was. Weirdly, despite me not being unfamiliar with online porn and its specific jargon, I hadn’t even bothered to check out the meaning of the term. As I think of it, probably, somewhere in the back of my head it rang a bell. However, it wasn’t until I met this utmost unrestrained brunette vixen Lindsay that I realized what dick milking was and experienced the extreme pleasure it may bring when executed the right way.

I met abovementioned Lindsay at a party – it was the birthday of a common friend. We felt immediate attraction to each other and started making out already there. In the morning, we woke up together at my place after a steamy fucking session. We were young, single and always horny, so after spending a great night together, we started having hot sex rendezvous as good as every day. Lindsay worked as a freelance designer and I was starting my journalistic career back then which allowed us to spend entire days and nights doing nothing but exploring the very depths of our intimacy.

One day, Lindsay came to me with a rather inspired look on her face. “Rob, we have tried so much different stuff together. And mostly, these are things that you do to me. Like the squirting. Now, I have finally figured out how to do something stunning and new for you. Have you heard of dick milking?”. I replied that I hadn’t, which made her even happier since it meant she was going to totally surprise me.

“Now I will show you what dick milking is by executing it on you. Just lay back, relax, enjoy and by no means touch your cock whatever urge you might feel to do so” – that was Lindsay’s instruction. I nodded in consent, undressed myself and lay on my back in bed. Without removing her clothes, she sat next to me and started gently squeezing my balls with one hand while stroking my cock to full throbbing erection with the other. When she noticed I was at the total peak of arousal, she took my penis in her mouth for a brief second and then suddenly retreated, leaving me unfinished. I asked her what the hell, she only told me to obey and play the game. She repeated the same scenario I don’t know how many times. My cock was pulsating, oozing precum, my balls were aching with semen, but she wouldn’t let me come for good two hours. In the end, she wrapped her lips around the shaft of my dick and while fondling its base, let me shoot my jizz in her throat – I had never ever before released such an enormous quantity of semen before and never felt such a relieving, pleasurable sensation.

Lindsay and I parted our ways long ago. However, from that moment on, every time I have a steady sexual partner, I ask her to do me the carnal favor of dick milking.